Restaurant André :: Singapore

Cooking. Art. Love.

These are the primary ingredients in the experiential design and execution behind Restaurant André in Singapore. What most impressed me about Restaurant André was the obvious passion behind every aspect of the restaurant, from design, to cuisine, to the graphic style of the website. Its clear that no detail was left unaccounted for. There is a sense of respect and esteem for every sense and every aspect of design.

Here's a couple snaps from the website. The Chef is truly an artist... 

Casual elegance seems to embrace what the goal of the dining experience, "Cuisine is sophisticated and filled with emotion, elegant and simple, always generous, 100% from the heart."[via]

The presentation of the food and the table is not lacking either. Careful attention is once again paid to all aspects...including custom tables and place settings, and artistic dishes which act as the vibrant pops of color that the space might otherwise lack.

Images [via] & [via]


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