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Kollision is a Danish design studio located in Aurhas, Denmark. Founded in 2000, this relatively new firm has already made quite a name for themselves, especially in the realm of interactive lighting installation. Many of us became familiar with Kollision through their collaboration with BIG and Audi for Design Miami 2011 where their interactive LED floor simulated the movements of drivers and pedestrians alike. But their portfolio has oh so many more goodies to dive into! Here's a few projects by them that I found especially interesting, but do take some time to have a look yourself! Very cool stuff to be seen....and do me a favor and watch the videos! Photos just don't do it justice.

SAXO Bank Interactive Ceiling
I posted about the exterior of this building and ridiculous spiral staircase on the interior, and this interactive ceiling was a special request from the architect. I have decided that this MUST be the coolest bank in the world. Or at least have the coolest clients where they feel like they can get away with things like this. And bonus! The lights can be controlled from your iPhone with a special downloadable app!

SAXO Reactive Ceiling / iPhone Interaction from Kollision on Vimeo.

Spine Installation
One of Kollision's most recent installation--Music and lighting is activated by the presence of the occupants. Creepy but cool!

SPINE from Kollision on Vimeo.

Images [via] found via DesignBoom


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